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What is it worth to you to:

  • Not having to watch a stock every second while you are at work

  • Not studying impossible to understand fundamental analysis

  • Not getting headaches from monitoring 20 real-time quote ticks

  • Not having to figuring out which technical analysis tool is appropriate for which stock

Don't answer that now . . . We'll get back to that question later!

Most of us worry too much. We worry about having to work too many hours  to make ends meet. We worry about trying to make money in the stock market .We worry if we will find the time to make money. We worry about slaving our life away with no real time to enjoy it. And after working all day, you worry about finding the time and energy to trade.

There is a better way. You could make money in the stock market while still working a full-time job.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Ordinary men and women, people just like you and me have found trading to be the key to a successful , happy and fulfilled life. They are going on vacations, buying new cars and saving for the future.

Many new to "successful trading" are quitting their hum drum 9 to 5 jobs and joining the move to a less worrisome lifestyle. Bills and mortgages are getting paid off. They are spending more time with their children and spouses They are having time and money to do the things that matter most to them. What you need is an easier way to trade.

It is a sad fact that 70% of traders, after just one year, lose money or make so little that it is not worth pursuing. It's upsetting. It is frustrating. But trading does not have to be that difficult.

Rather, when you start making money, trading is wonderful. In fact, when your trading is profitable ...Trading is Fun

 For me,  trading is the world's best business. I love to trade. I love the competition and the challenge . I like making money. And here's a few more things why I think trading is the perfect way to make money:

  • Start up with just a few hundred dollars
  • Unlimited upside potential
  • The hours are yours to choose
  • No Boss and No Employees
  • You can work anywhere in the world
  • You can learn to trade before risking any money

With trading you don’t need a great salary and you don’t need a lot of money to begin trading. Now don't get me wrong. Stock trading can and does have risks with the potential for substantial losses. Not everyone should trade. And, if you are the type who can not or is not willing to accept full responsibility for your actions - stop reading this letter In fact, I think you should never trade. Just return to your 9 to 5 job.

To be successful at trading or for that matter, if you want to be  successful at anything, what you do need is good  information.  It also helps if you could actually see hands-on trading  in real time. That information can be life changing!

Let's get back to that question I asked earlier. How much is it worth to you not to spend hours looking at a computer monitor, not having to deal with Stochastics, correlation analysis, On Balance Volume, support levels, earning announcements ...? How much is it worth to you to have stocks prescreened  and emailed to you at home or at work?

With Stock Alert you will see how easy trading can be!
After you have tried this service , you may never trade the same way again!


The Stock Alert Offer

Whether you are an experienced trader or a complete beginner - our service will provide the financial assist that you need. You will learn that it is possible to earn substantial income while trading whether you trade part or full time. It can be done right now!

Stock Alert provides a daily one of a kind service for traders and investors.

And why is this a one of a kind service? Because these are the actual trades that I make in my personal account. The selections include detailed information about the trades and the reasoning behind them and these picks are emailed to you before I make the trade. I screen for:

  • Short term trades  using our exclusive 3 Day Hammer Stock System
  • Intermediate and Long term  selection with breakout, breakdown and value stocks

Remember, I don’t just recommend a stock … I actually will buy or sell or short that stock. So, I really don't want to suggest a bad trade since I don't want to lose money. You will be informed as to the number of shares I am trading. And this is the best part … I will email you before I place that trade.

My stock picks are delivered directly to your email inbox.. So whether you have a full or part time job, whether you  trade at home or at work,  you can act immediately  and trade as I do or use this information at your own discretion.

O.K. I can hear some of you say:
"If he's so good, why is he selling these stock picks so cheap?"

Well, the simple answer is money. Whether I sell these services to you or not, my trading will make me money. I won't make any more money trading if I spend all day sitting and staring at a computer screen. Typically, I know before the day starts what I am going to buy and sell. The rest of the day is spent doing research, shuffling papers, and getting ready for the next trading day. So why shouldn't I pass these trades along to you and helping you make money. It's a win -win situation for us both.

Your subscription to Stock Alert includes:

1. Email Alerts
Email alerts are delivered directly to your e-mail box. Whenever I am about to Buy or Sell any stock you get informed before I place the trade.

2. The Best 3 Day Hammer Picks
Each evening I will post the Best of The Day Hammer stocks. These are the stocks that I will be zeroing in on tomorrow. All selections will indicate where I believe the right entry price should be and where I am placing my protective stops. Also, posted are the rules concerning money management and recommended number of share to trade.

3. ARBTrading Stock Alert Portfolio
No pretending how I am doing. You get to see the actual trades made, the average purchase price and annual performance.

4. Archives of Past Stock Alert email alerts.
See when and more importantly, why we made each and every trade.

5. Stock Alert Confidential Watch List
Here are the stocks that I am zeroing in on. Included are the stock and prices I would like to buy and sell at.

6. Special Bonus
As an added extra bonus for taking action right now - you'll also receive copy of an extraordinary  e-Book

Amazing Success Secrets of 10 Proven Winners!
You'll Learn Why Winners Never Wait Around For Luck,
And What They Do to Create Success

Inside the
Minds of Winners

Learn how you can take command of your life and create your own good luck—with the same techniques proven winners use.

No Risk Guarantee

If, after the one month or for that mater any month, you are not completely convinced that ARB Trading  Stock Alert has not made you money and has not made investing easier while increasing you financial security, then simply cancel your subscription.

 If you do cancel the subscription, you get to keep the bonus eBook -  “Inside the Minds of Winners” absolutely free for having tried the service.

With Stock Alert you will see how easy trading can be!
After you have tried this service , you will wonder how you got by without it!!

You can be billed $100 (monthly)

The bottom line is this service costs you a $5 per day.  You get to trade along with me or you can use this information as a starting point for your own trading selection.

What you get with Stock Alert are my stock picks e-mailed to you every day, a private viewing on ARBTrading where you are the first to see my Three Day Hammer Stocks  selections and my confidential list of stocks that I am keeping an eye on. And as a bonus, you get a copy of "Inside the Minds of Winners".



Andrew Biederman
President and Owner of ARBTrading

P.S. – Remember, if at any time you cancel your subscription, your FREE eBook “Inside the Minds of Winner” is yours to keep, absolutely free as our gift to you. 

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