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Charles Burke, author of Inside The Minds Of Winners

Charles Burke
A Brief Biography

Born in Georgia in 1943, Charles grew up near Chicago, then
returned south in his late twenties. There he spent several years in Atlanta, Georgia sampling the charms of many different types of work.

By the time he moved to Japan in 1985 at age 42, he had worked in camera shops, photo labs, loading docks, bakeries, print shops, and department stores. He had painted houses, pumped gas, driven taxis, delivered blueprints for a copy shop, and sold brushes door-to-door.

He's clearly drawn to variety.

After moving to Japan he worked as a freelance editor and advertising copywriter for top name Japanese companies including Isuzu, Toshiba, Pioneer and Sony. He often received calls to do ad hoc modeling in product catalogs, and do walk-on parts in promotional videos.

Though he had never done any announcing or narration in his "previous life," he usually received two or three narration jobs a month for PR and promotional videos for companies like Hitachi and Sanyo. Still lots of variety, but in his words, "It's more interesting."

Then, drawing upon his own successes in directing his life into new patterns, Charles wrote the book, Command More Luck and began marketing it via the Internet.

With a satisfying career in Japan, why would he decide to start an Internet business? Simple. In his words, "It looked like it would be interesting."

The result is two books (Command More Luck and Inside the Minds of Winners) and three websites, with additional projects now in the works.

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