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Favorite Online Services

OK. You asked for my favorite financial websites and programs. This is a page in progress. As I come across new favorites, Iíll be adding them and removing those that annoy or disappoint me. The List is in no particular order.

The major online brokers have been getting better and better with improved services and programs. Most online brokers charge the average client, but most will give services and access free to traders who trade actively and maintain above minimum account balances.

There are non-brokerage services that can be purchased or accessed for free on the Internet. Many provide information or tools that you can't get from your broker.

Microsoft Excel: This after my stock screening software is my most used program. I am convinced most traders underestimate its capabilities. I use it to maintain my present trades, tax records and any and all information concerning trading.

MetaStock 8.0: There are a lot of sophisticated charting programs out there from TradeStation to Worden Bros program TC2000. I have used Metastock for years. It's contains of just about every bell and whistle and just about every technical indicator ever dreamed up. It is easy to use and is able to back test new trading concepts.

TheStreet.com: TheStreet.com and its companion site RealMoney are excellent. If there was only one site I could use, this would be it. This site is about making money by real traders (not reporters). The information and advice from James Cramer and Gary B. Smith are first rate. And Cramerís radio show, which is available from TheStreet.com, is informative, educational and makes me money each and every time I listen to it. Donít miss this site.

Moneycentral.com: This is one of the top free sites. It offers news, advice and charting software. It also has a portfolio.

Yahoo Finance: This is another free site You can easily get earnings estimates, insider trading and analyst upgrades and downgrades

RealTick: An online broker with a very sophisticated program. Its best feature is the ability to place conditional orders. You can place a trade to buy 1000 IBM shares at the market if IBM trades above 120 between 3 and 4 p.m.

StreetSmart Pro: This is from Charles Schwab. It offers Level II quotes and more options than most of use will ever use. You get real-time news alerts,  watch lists and intraday, daily or weekly charts that move in real time.

Active Trader Pro: This is Fidelity Investments' entree into the online brokerage business. Its best features include the ability to trade across multiple accounts and store up to 50 orders that can be executed at a moments notice. Hey, you never know when you might graduate to program trading.


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