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Tax Reduction Tool Kit

This is an important message for anyone who is a stock trader or running a business as a sole proprietor.

It's nearly tax time in the US, and if you haven't prepared your return yet, you'll be doing it soon enough. Unfortunately, it's too late to change what happened last year, so you'll have to "grin and bear it" and pay up.

Business owners who aren't incorporated nearly always pay too much to the IRS since they don't understand how to easily lower their bill through perfectly legal techniques like business deductions and income shifting.

 Plus, with all the liability lawsuits being filed these days, you are quite literally risking all the assets you work so hard to build to lawyers and litigants. You must be incorporated.

 I have spent thousands of dollars last year on accountants, tax advisors, attorneys, and financial planners trying to figure out how different legal entities like corporations and LLCs could save me money.

 But the other day, I read an amazing new e-book that explained in laymanís terms how forming a simple corporation can save the average business owner *at least* $2,000 a year in taxes, and possibly much more based on your annual sales.

And that's BEFORE any of the corporate deductions that aren't allowed to sole proprietors like sophisticated retirement plans, medical insurance, and a company vehicle.

 The book is called The Tax Reduction Toolkit, and you can check it out by going to:


Like I said, 2002 is over and done with, and it's really too late to do anything about this yearís taxes.

However, if you start right now, you can probably save yourself several thousand dollars (or more) next year by implementing these easy to understand strategies right now.




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